The adventures of Tom Saywer


Tom Sawyer is a smart boy that likes adventures a lot. He lives with his aunt Polly and to her, he isn’t an easy boy. But, she loves him because her sister is already dead.

He has many friends who are always participating in his jokes. About this, Tom is a kind of person to get along well.

One day, on the way to school, he meets Huckleberry Finn, a boy that lives in the streets and whose father drinks whiskey all the time. Even so, he is very happy.

So, Huckleberry invites Tom to go to the graveyard at midnight. There he wants to have a proof that a dead cat calls ghosts out of the graves. But, the kids see two men being killed by Injun Joe. After that, they don’t tell it to anyone and are scared of it.

The summer holidays come and there isn’t school. In a hot day, Tom and his friends, Joe Harper and Huck Finn go to Jackson’s island. They forget about the time and they have a lot of fun there. When they come back, the people from the city are amazed with their return. Because everybody thinks that they were dead by that time, but everything is all right.

After some weeks, the Injun Joe’s judgement happens in St. Petersburg and Tom is one of witnesses of the crime but in a second Injun Joe escapes through the window and disappears.

But, Tom and Huck find him in an old house. One hot summer, they had an idea to look for a treasure. As they were hiden, they saw Injun Joe and two men finding a box with six hundred dollars. So, the men took it to an unknown place.

Soon afterwards, Tom and his friends have new adventures on Becky’s birthday, his classmate. They have a picnic by the river, and after that, they visit McDougal’s cave. But, they get lost and scared.

And so, they stay three days in the cave and during these days, Tom sees Injun Joe. Too late, when they are found, they are told about Injun Joe’s death.

Again, Tom and Huck still think about treasure, that is, the box with with six hundred dollars, and they decide to look for it and to find it any way.

A classical literary, this boy’s story was real. Mark Twain met him when he was a reporter in San Francisco, California. The adventures of this character come from his experiences in life and the boys who he was acquainted from his childhood.

This work has already reached to movie screen and it’s an inspiration to musical bands, characters of other movies and TV series.


~ por Márcia Vidal em novembro 15, 2008.

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