The death of Karen Silkwood


A woman called Karen Silkwood was found dead inside her car. Nobody really knows what happened. The police is sure that it was an accident, but three men, her boyfriend, a newspaper journalist from the New York Times, and Union official from Washington, don’t think that way.

At the night of the accident, they’re waiting for her. She was bringing an important piece of information in brown envelope.

Well, the story of Karen and her brown envelope began in 1972, when she took a new job at a nuclear factory. Before, she worked as secretary and she was tired of that function. The factory’s salary was better and the work was more interesting.

She got lucky because she was recruiting immediately, she knew the workers, the factory’s installation, the protection clothes and other things. Karen was very happy and everything would be so good for her.

There, she made good friends like Susan and Drew. He was as her favorite brother and, in a few time, they were always together.

But in the summer of 1974, everything started to change. The scanner detected in Susan’s body radioactive dust and she was taken in the shower room. After it, Susan was a different person.

One day, Karen met Susan in a bar and they talked about the factory. Some people wanted to leave the work, but Karen decided to change things there. So, she became an official on the factory’s Union Committee, after an election.

The safery at the fatory was getting worse each day. The Commitee asked for help to the Union leaders in Washington and Karen went there.

Talking to the leaders, she explained what was happening in the factory, mainly about the photographic laboratory. But, proofs were necessary and she would do something to take them.

That was a danger to Karen’s life. And the things got worse to her. Alone, all she had was a brown envelope with proofs.

This history happened in Oklahoma, USA. It was lately adapted to the movie screen.

Therefore, Karen Silkwood tried to tell the truth for the people and because of it, she had a terrible end. That is what happen to those who fight for human causes.


~ por Márcia Vidal em outubro 15, 2008.

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